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Dishwasher Repair in Van Nuys CA - (818) 714-7340

It can be difficult to know when to really call in and get your dishwasher inspected by a Van Nuys dishwasher repair professional.

We typically tell our clients they should draw the line once it becomes necessary to re-wash a load of dishes. It’s understandable for a Pots & Pans load to come out a little dirty at the end, but a Normal cycle should not have this problem.

If you aren’t just overstuffing, poorly organizing or not scraping food off your plate first, then there’s likely an issue with one of the dishwasher parts. For example, the drain could get clogged with leftover food and it could prevent water from pumping in and out of the unit properly. In this case you might not need to go buy dishwasher parts in Van Nuys CA to fix your dishwasher, as resolving the performance issue could be as simple as eliminating the clog.

Sometimes the items that get stuck within your dishwasher are also harder to find, so it might be a matter of taking out a few dishwasher parts to find the real issue at hand. Either way, we approach every dishwasher repair in Van Nuys CA in the same light. Once we get informed about your dishwasher issues, and you tell us when you are available, a dishwasher repair professional stationed in Van Nuys CA will come visit you.

At this point, we will inspect your dishwasher for any signs of defect and try to get a firm understanding on what needs to be done to fix the unit. This results in a price estimate for your dishwasher repair in Van Nuys CA from us that’s for the amount of labor and parts only. You then have the chance to turn down our offer, but if you proceed we will wipe out the diagnostics charge and drop $10 from your repair cost if it’s your first time with us.

Start your dishwasher repair with an appliance repair expert that’s certified and vetted in the Van Nuys CA community by giving us a call today.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Be careful when installing your dishwasher through your home’s hot water supply. The most important thing to consider is what temperature you set the water at -- check the owner’s manual for the appropriate setting. If it’s too hot, the dishwasher might sense that and respond accordingly. This could result in the load running short and the dishes might not get as clean. If you have the opposite problem and water doesn’t run hot enough, run the hottest cycle and see how warm it gets. If the temperature control doesn’t help -- it could be a mechanical problem with your dishwasher.


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