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Is your fridge not working properly?

Our Van Nuys refrigerator repair team has expertise in all types of refrigerator repair jobs. From commercial refrigerators in fast food restaurants to basic fridges at home -- and even those 20 to 30 years old -- we know what to expect when diagnosing and repairing them. We also have access to refrigerator parts in Van Nuys CA for almost any make or model of fridge made in the past 15 years.

If you need a refrigerator repair on an older model, you might want to weigh the value of replacing the unit instead. The biggest benefit of upgrading from an older model is secretly the energy savings. This will give you so much every month off your energy bill, meaning the difference in cost between repairing and upgrading could be paid off on its own. You can always ask for our repair professional’s opinion; if we think you are better off replacing the unit, we will just say so! Otherwise, if you have a simple need, we can handle your refrigerator repair in Van Nuys CA without causing an inconvenience to you.

Our Van Nuys CA appliance repair professionals are quick to arrive, identify the reason behind your fridge’s performance issues and draw out a solution. From there, we can locate the refrigerator parts you need from our Van Nuys CA suppliers and head back to your place to finish the repair. In the end, you will be charged for just the refrigerator parts and labor.

Those that decide against getting their fridge repaired after receiving a written estimate will be billed for the service call. If you haven’t gotten a refrigerator repair in Van Nuys CA through us already, we will also deduct $10 off your first one!

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Ice buildup around the evaporator should be removed with a hairdryer or with hot water. Using a sharp object to get the ice off will most likely cause the evaporator to get damaged -- in many cases this results in the fridge needing replaced as the repair costs too much. Hot water is the best option though, as there’s always the risk of water entering the hair dryer and causing you to get shocked. Of course, you could just let it defrost over the course of a few hours and return to finish the job.


Advanced Appliance Repair of Van Nuys

14782 Calvert St, Van Nuys, CA 91411

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we're open 7 days a week, 8AM - 8PM
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